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Very Senior Dogs**


$25 for 20mins 

Does your Senior pup need a mid-day break, are you working late or won't be home as soon as you'd hoped? 

If you have a Super Senior who just needs to be let out to potty and some TLC until you get home, this is the PERFECT plan! 20 minutes provides a little outdoor time so they can take care of business, and receive some one-on-one love & attention before you get home! Includes fresh water, cleaned bowls, food or treats as directed by you. Administration of medication if needed.

*$25 for the first 2 pets. $5 for each additional pet.

**A VERY SENIOR is a dog is 12+yrs old and/or is limited in its ability to be mobile, can't walk/see well and needs minimal activity


$35/30mins  or  $45/60mins

Integrative Fun for Fido!

Best Buddy Visits includes a walk if desired (and weather permitting), dedicated PLAY time with structured games, and one-on-one attention with LOTS of pawsitive reinforcement! These visits help to alleviate boredom, provide mental stimulation and focus on redirecting any negative behaviors into positive ones and LOTS of LOVE all around! Includes fresh water, cleaned bowls, food or treats as directed by you. Administration of medication if needed.

Pricing for the first 2 pets. $10 for each additional pet.

PUPPY POP-INS: $35 for 30mins

PUPPIES!!! So CUTE!... but when they gotta go they gotta GO

This plan is the short term solution to your puppy's needs until they are fully potty trained. 30 minutes guarantees a good potty break with playtime to alleviate some of that excess energy that builds up while you're away!

---> $35 EXTRA fee if puppy poops/pees in their crated/living area and serious cleanup detail is required for their crate/living area and/or puppy clean up is required.

Pricing is for ONE puppy. Add $10 more for each extra puppy.  

SLUMBER PAWRTY : $75+/night

Staying in their own home for comfort & familiarity

Overnights in YOUR home allow your pets to maintain the same feeding, walking, playtime and sleep schedule as if you were still there! (includes morning or evening walks, abundance of play time, tons of positive attention, all meals & medications, and treats, snuggles, cuddles, kisses and all the lovin' they can take!)

*$75 for the first 2 pets. $15 for each additional pet.

CAMPOUTS: $105 to $125*/24hrs

Your pet(s) will have around-the-clock care, undivided attention, and will be seriously spoiled!!

With Camp-Outs we stay during the day AND night in YOUR home with your pet, leaving only occasionally to run short errands! Your pet will receive the same walk/feeding/play/sleep schedule with an abundance of personal loving attention throughout the day! They'll have someone there for their comfort and security and will never feel alone. All walks, dog park visits (if wanted & weather permitting), play time, overnights (of course) and all the goodies come with this plan!


Mail & packages brought in daily, plants watered per your instructions. This plan makes your home more secure from potential problems that could arise in your absence.

Camp-outs start at 12pm the day you leave and we stay until 12pm the day you

return. Earlier check in or later check out available for an additional $25 fee PER

early/late check-in/out. Early/late checkins/outs must be prearranged prior to the start of all Campouts.


*$105 1-2 pets. Add $15 for each additional pet in the home.

*$125/24hrs Any pet requiring Bowel/Urine Expression, Wet/Dry Bandage Changes, SubQ Fluids,

or needing extensive medical care beyond regular care



$75/24hrs/2dogs ($25 for each extra dog/24hrs) 

FREE RANGE boarding in a SAFE, stress free Home!

Camp-K9 is a cat-kennel-pool-kid-smoke-FREE environment for your pups to stay in so they can enjoy their time away from home! This plan is perfect for well behaved, socialized, non-aggressive/non-destructive, fully housebroken dogs :-) All amenities are INCLUDED at CAMP K9 - Daily walks, abundance of playtime, interactive games, mazes & reward based puzzles keeping their minds AND bodies active, portable play pool, belly rubs, and even park visits (weather permitting).


At CAMP K9 pets are allowed on the furniture and beds (unless directed otherwise) - this is THEIR camp! You bring your pets food, medications, beds, collars, leashes and anything else to make your pet comfortable and we do the rest!! (no toys tho' we have PLENTY!)

*I have a very gentle, happy & fun senior dog, potential boarders must get along with them.*

Maximum CAMP K9 Guests is LIMITED to 5. 

PURRRRFECT PLAN: $35 for 30mins 

We DO love & care for KITTIES too! 

This plan provides a 30 minute visit to ensure the family feline gets oodles of loves, fresh food & water, administration of medications if needed, litter boxes scooped/refreshed, playtime activities, lap cuddles and head bumps, plenty o' purrs, chin rubs, and treats as well!

We understand that each cat is different - some need daily visits, some only need a visit every other day. We will create a plan to fit your cats needs!

*Administration of SubQ fluids will require a full 1 hour visit = $35.

*Up to 3 kitties/litterboxes included in this plan. More than 3 kitties/litter boxes will require a full hour visit at $45.

---> $35 EXTRA fee per event if your cat is not litterbox trained or is a "mad cat" that relieves itself outside of its litterbox to punish you and cleanup detail is required.

Contact Us for More Information on Our Plans, or to Create a Customized Plan to Fit Your Needs!

Please let us know your cross streets, days/times you need care and what Plan you'd like!

We'll be in touch within 24hours  - or sooner!


Email Address*

Phone Number (optional)


PAYMENT IN FULL DUE ON THE 1ST DAY OF ALL PLANS. NO EXCEPTIONS. If payment is not received on the 1st day of booked job, you will be charged an extra 25% of the total job once payment is made.

Payments accepted: Cash, Check, Venmo.

Any check that is NSF or not honored by the bank on which it is drawn will be charged an addition $40 NSF charge, and further petsitting will be

denied until the account is paid in full to include the NSF charge.

Rates listed are for SERVICE AREA: Paradise Valley - N Scottsdale - N Phoenix - NE Phoenix 

 in ZipCodes 85253,85254,85258,85259,85260,85255 (S. of Thompson Pk Pkwy) and 85027,85023,85022,85028,85032,85028

*ADD an additional $15/visit for Fountain Hills, NW Phoenix & South Scottsdale in zip codes: 85310,85268,85038, 85085,85257,85250,85251,85050, 85024 & 85054

*ADD an additional $25/day for Campout & Overnights for Fountain Hills/Anthem/Cave Creek areas

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