and Kitties Too!

My K9's Companion

Dedicated pet care services focusing on physical exercise,
 mental stimulation, and emotional security for your pets.

Why Chose My K9's Companion?

Because your best fur friends deserve more than just a 

"pet sitter!", they deserve a true Companion!

Anyone can throw a ball, give treats, or take your dog for a walk, change a litter box or pet a kitty. What makes us different is we become your K9's & Kitty's COMPANION and their BEST FRIEND (after you, of course) They look forward to seeing us when you are not there!

Doesn't your best friend deserves the BEST? We provide so much more than just a basic in-and-out pet care service. We provide sincere and loving interactions that will be reflected in your pets behavior, and we strive to genuinely bond with your pets so they feel comfortable, happy and look forward to our visits.

As a small locally owned company, we don't have multiple pet companion providers - what this means for you is that your pets will almost always have the same Companion visiting them each time. No Strangers in your home or with your pets!

Each visit is structured around the needs of the individual pet and include:

  • FUN Walks with Scent and Sight stimulation: We don't rush their time outside! Your pet gets to smell and inspect their surroundings, it's how they learn! If more physical exercise is what they need, our outdoor time will include a longer walk/run with more play time to achieve maximum energy expenditure. If walks aren't possible due to weather, age or physical limitations, then we give your pet the attention & affection it needs with structured indoor and low impact interactions!

  • Mental Stimulation: Treasure Hunts with hidden treats, toys to 'find', positive reinforcement for each discovery, 'chase' games with laser lights or toys & balls. Personally structured around your pet's likes, this provides the opportunity to use their prey drive and exercise their natural hunting skills. It's play time for their minds!

  • Emotional Security: Dedicated visits with consistent interaction provide security for your pets, helps to alleviate boredom, and curb loneliness which can lead to destructive behaviors. A pet's quality of life is enhanced when they have a structured environment and they know what to expect.

  • LOVE: Most important! Each visit your pets will receive positive reinforcements including lots of petting, belly rubs, lap time & snuggles, hugs, kisses, play time, kindness, a calm voice, gentle loving hands, and positive healthy attention that lets them know they are the most important pet in the world!

With no weekly minimums required and simple plans to
choose from, you'll be guaranteed to come home to happy pets!